Gift Cards Can Be Picked Up

“Happy Holidays to everyone! Just as a reminder, there are gift cards to be picked up at the golf shop from Wednesday Night League Playoff Teams. The following people have gift cards in the golf shop:

Tom Birner/Jerry Wamsley

Tim Henry/Jeff Yahn

Phil Francone/Jordan Roche

Nick Haas/Stacy Hanley

Carter Kokjer/Burke Radcliffe

Jeff Smith/Doug Steffens

Kenan Luptak/Jay Nesbitt

Coy Fisher/Lance Juelfs

Larry Alexander/Jeff Jung

Matt Benzel/Jeff Johnson

Doug Loghry/Jake Myers

Aaron Deavers/Jeremy Wiekhorst

The gift cards can be used in the golf shop and in the restaurant. Please remember they do not have an expiration date (per Nebraska Law) and do not go down in value over time. The golf shop is open during the week (Monday-Friday) from 10am to 3pm or by appointment by calling 254-2311. Thank you for participating in league this year and we look to having another great season in 2019!

Best regards,

Patrick, Jody, and the rest of the staff


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